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Entry fees as follows:

Early Bird Discount Entries received before 11th August 2024:     

ACC Members (Full): £134 Non-Members: £140

You may join the Club Online from here.

After 11th August:

ACC Full Racing Members: £144; Non-Members: £150.

Ocean Speed Revival Southport Sprint Entry Form 2024 - Saturday 14th Sept.

Enter your vehicle for Southport Sprint Revival - Saturday 14th September using this form - entry fees: Early Bird Discount Entries received before 11th August 2024: ACC Members (Full): £134 Non-Members: £140 On or after 11th August: ACC Members £144 Non-members £150. Late Entry Fee: £25.

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Terms and Conditions:
Interclub Sprint - Motorsport UK Organising Permit 135362 Interclub Sprint

THIS FORM IS FOR ENTERING YOUR VEHICLE IN THE EVENT. All entries will be accepted on full payment of entry fee until the event entry is full.

Participants may be required to display the Aintree Circuit Club badge and event/sponsor logos on vehicles throughout the duration of the event. I understand that if this entry is accepted, my participation in this Sprint is subject to the undertaking and indemnities in the General Rules of the Aintree Circuit Club and Motor Sport UK Association Ltd (motorsport uk) and that the Club, motorsport Uk, Southport Flower Show Ltd, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council and Landowners are absolved from any Liability that may arise as a result of my entry to this event. I also declare that:

  1. I acknowledge that despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen and I therefore declare that I shall be present at my own risk.
  2. I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event, and I am competent to do so.
  3. I understand the nature and type of the event and the potential risk inherent with motor sport, and agree to accept that risk.
  4. To the best of my belief I possess the appropriate standard of competence for an event of the type to which this entry relates and that the vehicle to be used is suitable and roadworthy for the event having regard to the course and nature of the event.
  5. I understand that should I at any time during this event be suffering from any physical or mental disability whether permanent or temporary that is likely to affect prejudicially my normal control of the vehicle, I must not take part unless I have declared such disability to The Aintree Circuit Club, who, following such declaration, agree to accept my participation in the event. I further declare that I shall inform the organisers immediately, should any change in my condition occur during the event that I have reason to believe would adversely affect my ability to continue to safely participate in the event.
All Drivers must hold a current full UK DVLA/EU Driving Licence for the class vehicle entered in the event and a minimum of RS Interclub MS UK 2024 Competition Licence. I understand that: If the driver and car are late for Scrutiny, they may be liable to exclusion from the event and the entry fee becomes forfeit. The driver must present the Club membership Card, Competition Licence and Entrant's Licence (if applicable) and any documents relating to the vehicle required for inspection at the event.
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For Bank Transfer: Aintree Circuit Club - Sort Code: 30 97 88 Account No: 00978034 Lloyds Bank, Lord Street, Southport. Or cheque made payable to Aintree Circuit Club. Post to ACC, 1 Tilney St, Aintree, L9 8DT.
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 128 MB.
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