acc logo 254 x 166Ormskirk and Southport 2022 – Marshals’ Registration.

An event of the scale of the Motorfest and Classic and Speed relies on a small army of volunteer Officials and Marshals to ensure the event is run safely and efficiently.

If you are reasonably fit and healthy, then we would welcome registrations from both experienced Motorsport Marshals and members of the General Public who would like to volunteer their time for a few hours.

Marshalling duties are as follows and will be allocated depending upon how much time you have available on the day:

1, Marshalling of vehicles on arrival into their display locations in the Town Centre Paddocks, Coronation Park (Ormskirk) and Victoria Park (Southport).

(From approx. 07.30 to 10.00 Sunday Morning)

2, Marshalling the Town Centre Parade Route – Ormskirk and Southport & Closed Road Event Sat 10th September.

(On post from 14.00 – parades start approx. 14.30 and finish at 16.30).

Southport – Saturday (Closed Road) from approx 13.30 – 16.00

Southport – Sunday from approx 15.30 to 16.30 – General Traffic conditions)

3, Assisting with pre-parade assembly and control of vehicles in the Town Centre Paddocks and Coronation Park (Ormskirk) and Victoria Park (Southport).

PLEASE NOTE: All Marshals will be provided with a refreshments voucher to be exchanged at our Official Caterers. Marshals’ resident more than 8 miles from Ormskirk will also be given £5 towards travel expenses.


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  1. Hi, not bothered about £5 toward travel, but would love advice as to where to park my car (1999 SLK in Designo Electric Green, so a bit ‘loud’ and almost motor fest fodder)!

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