Thank you for supporting Motorfest and making it one of the UK’s top Classic Vehicle and Motorsport themed events.

PLEASE NOTE: Any owner/driver who entered the event in previous years and failed to show without advising the organisers will NOT be accepted this year.

If you fall into this category, do not waste our time and attempt to place an entry.

Coronation Park Static Display Vehicle Entry Form (Free to enter)

Please use the form below to enter your vehicle for the Coronation Park Static Display area.

We accept any interesting vehicle whether it be 2, 3, 4 or more wheeled – we had a lovely restored 1950’s Bedford Fire Engine last year!; Veteran, Vintage, Classic, Modern and Contemporary – Saloons, sports, road or competition modified. We generally prefer competition machinery to go in the parades, for which there is no entry fee.

Please Note: We have space limitations in the Park and have therefore limited entries to this area to 250 vehicles. We allocate each car approx’ 6m x 2.4m and individually place each vehicle after we have closed for entries.

The Ormskirk Concours d’Elegance also takes place in the Park with it’s own reserved display area which you may also enter if you have something special!

Vehicle Registration Form - 2020 - 30th Aug - Touring Assembly - PARK STATIC DISPLAY ONLY - 0120

Register for Ormskirk MotorFest Coronation Park Static Displays 2020 - 30th Aug - using this form
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    Terms and Conditions:
    Touring Assembly/Procession - motorsport uk Permit (Certificate of Exemption)

    All vehicles using this form will be allocated a Static Display location in the Park until the event entry is full. Reserve Entries will then be allocated as received.


    Participants may be required to display the Aintree Circuit Club badge and event/sponsor logos on vehicles throughout the duration of the event. I understand that if this entry is accepted, my participation in this STATIC DISPLAY is subject to the undertaking and indemnities in the General Rules of the Aintree Circuit Club and The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Ltd (motorsport uk) and that the Club, motorsport uk., West Lancashire Borough Council and Landowners are absolved from any Liability that may arise as a result of my entry to this event. I also declare that:

    1. I understand that this is a non-competitive event. Any form of racing will not be permitted at any time. I acknowledge that despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen and I therefore declare that I shall be present at my own risk.
    2. I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event, and I am competent to do so.
    3. I understand the nature and type of the event and the potential risk inherent with motor sport, and agree to accept that risk.
    4. To the best of my belief I possess the appropriate standard of competence for an event of the type to which this entry relates and that the vehicle to be used is suitable and roadworthy for the event having regard to the course and nature of the event.
    5. I understand that should I at any time during this event be suffering from any physical or mental disability whether permanent or temporary that is likely to affect prejudicially my normal control of the vehicle, I must not take part unless I have declared such disability to The Aintree Circuit Club, who, following such declaration, agree to accept my participation in the event. I further declare that I shall inform the organisers immediately, should any change in my condition occur during the event that I have reason to believe would adversely affect my ability to continue to safely participate in the event.
    Entrants must still present a valid Driving Licence at Signing-On..
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